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Pooja (Puja) which literally mean is to worship . It is a religious act that is performed  to pray to a chosen (a particular/desired) God or Goddess. Pooja consists of reading of  scriptures, chanting of mantras, meditation, austerity (Tapa), offerings and prostrations (Dandvat Pranam) . It aims at getting blessings of deities, which if achieved successfully , comes in turn with great worldly happiness , self realization or  communion with desired God or Goddess and even liberation (Moksha) , if desired so.  To perform the acts of various types of pooja , we need pooja articles like japamala,  tilak, pictures or statues of desired deities and their clothes, havan samigri,  Ganga Jal  (Ganga water) and few others.

      Poojashop.com has made an effort to make them available online in easy and readymade packages where  ever possible .

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Japa Malas


We have finest quality Japa Malas


 We have Best quality Puja Items like Puja Thali, Puja Shankha etc..



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